What is an Inverter System?

The kit is structured using an Inverter unit coupled with a battery which provides uninterrupted power when there is load-shedding or a power outage.

The unit remains connected keeping the battery charged when there is power from the grid.

Once the power cuts or there is load-shedding, the system instantly switches over to battery power (DC). Devices connected to the inverter remain powered on using the inverter unit to convert DC current to AC current so you continue to run your Computers, TV's, Gaming Consoles, Modems and Routers, Lights, Security Gates, Garage Doors, Alarm Systems & More!

Is it easy to connect up?
Yes, The system is plug and play.

The inverter has a regular 3 pin plug that goes into the wall. You then have a 3 way multi-plug on the inverter that allows you to connect most appliances to the inverter unit.

Keep the appliances connected to the inverter system at all times

How much backup time will I have on the unit?

Depending on the size of the Inverter System, you can have extended battery backup power for approximately 4 to 8 hours.

Assume a TV, a Laptop, Modem, Gaming Console and desk lamp are connected to the inverter:
This unit will last 4-5 hours

Using only a Desk Lamp, Wifi Router and Laptop you can expect about 8 hours on the dual battery units.

What appliances can I run on the inverter system?

Our plug and play systems will run any appliance that has low power usage and does not have a motor. So you can run TVs, Computers, Routers and Modems, Small Lights/Lamps , Chargers, etc.

Fridges, Fans, Aircons, Heaters, Hairdryers, Toasters, Kettles and Microwaves are not recommended to be connected to inverters. For those items, we can suggest a more specialized system - please click "contact us" and let us know your requirements.

What is the warranty/guarantee?

The entire system comes with a full 1 year warranty.