Solar Tech Solutions

New Media Technologies strength lies in our ability to professionally implement, test and document the power generation solutions to be installed within your current or new infrastructure.
Providing piece of mind that your power solution will provide all your energy requirements and grow with your orginization!

New Media Technology has partnered with Solar and Inverter Solution Experts who have over 10 years industry expertise and knowledge.
We offer the following solutions for your home or office.

Loadshedding solutions

Initial requirement came out of critical power shortage providing inverter solutions to ensure businesses, servers and schools could continue running when grid power fails.
Solar Solutions

As power becomes more expansive organisations are opting to harness Solar Power Installations from small sites requiring a single light and Pc to sites requiring dedicated solutions with arrays of Inverters offering upto 60Kwatt output.
Why should you go Solar?  

    Advantages of Solar PV:
  •     Manage Rising Electricity Prices
  •     Reduce Operating Costs for 25 Years and Beyond
  •     Low maintenance and last 25+ years
  •     Solar PV plant costs are tax deductible
  •     Rebates and Incentives
  •     Solar is Carbon efficient
  •     Cost of electricity is predictable

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