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INFINISOLAR 2.56kWh Lithium Ion Battery

Introducing the INFINISOLAR 2.56kWh Lithium Ion Battery ), a cutting-edge energy storage solution engineered to empower your energy needs with remarkable reliability and sustainability. Whether you seek to enhance your solar energy system or secure a dependable backup power source, this advanced lithium-ion battery is your answer.

Key Features and Benefits:

High Cycle Life: The INFINISOLAR 2.56KWH is designed for longevity, offering an impressive 4000 cycles at 80% Depth of Discharge (DoD). This translates to significantly reduced total ownership costs over its lifetime.
Longer Service Life: These low-maintenance batteries are crafted with a stable chemistry that promises a prolonged service life, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
Built-In Circuit Protection: A Battery Management System (BMS) is integrated to safeguard against abuse, ensuring safe and efficient operation.
Better Storage Capabilities: With an extraordinarily low self-discharge (LSD) rate, this lithium-ion battery can be stored for up to 6 months without any risk of sulphation, making it an ideal choice for intermittent use.
Quick Recharge: The INFINISOLAR 2.56kWh boasts superior charge/discharge efficiency, enabling rapid recharging and minimal downtime.
Extreme Heat Tolerance: It is well-suited for use in diverse applications, even in environments with unusually high ambient temperatures, reaching up to +60°C.
Lightweight Design: Compared to traditional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries, lithium batteries offer more watt-hours per kilogram and are up to one-third lighter, making them easy to handle and install.
Further Information:

The INFINISOLAR (wall-mounted) is an innovative LiFePO4 battery pack solution designed for deep-cycle backup power in your solar home energy storage system. This product excels in multiple areas:

Wall Mounted LiFePO4: This compact and stylish design is easy to install and maintain, fitting seamlessly into your home or business.
High-Quality Lithium: You can count on the exceptional quality of lithium-ion cells, ensuring reliable performance.
Intelligent Battery Management System: The built-in BMS constantly monitors and optimizes the battery’s performance, enhancing its overall longevity.
Compact Size and Lightweight: These features make installation a breeze and allow you to save on space.
Choose the INFINISOLAR for an eco-friendly, cost-effective, and sustainable energy storage solution. Elevate your energy independence and experience peace of mind, knowing you have a powerful and reliable battery at your disposal.

Invest in a cleaner, brighter future with INFINISOLAR. Discover the possibilities today!

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