SunX 3kva 2.4KW 24V Hybrid Inverter 60A MPPT


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SunX 3kva 2.4KW 24V Hybrid Inverter 60A MPPT

  • Main Features

    1. MPPT solar charger built inside, max PV input 3000W

    2. Built inside with high Voltage MPPT solar charger (upto 450vdc)

    3. Smart battery management Compatible with different types of batteries Lead acid, AGM, Gel, flooded, tubular,LiFePo4

    4. Configurable charge current, battery types, AC/Solar input priority via LCD setting

    5. Economic design with reliable quality

    6. High Efficient DC-To-AC Conversion Minimizing Energy Loss and self power consumption

    7. All around protection functions: Overload/short circuit protection/high voltage/low battery voltage/high temperature etc.

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