SunX Plastic PV Combiner Box 3IN1OUT

SunX Plastic PV Combiner Box 3IN1OUT


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A PV combiner box is used to bring together the output DC current of the PV array. It will combine the same solar panels in series to form a PV Array, supporting the use of photovoltaic grid-connected inverter to constitute a complete photovoltaic system.


Applicable for outdoor PV systems
Wide DC voltage input range with maximum open-circuit voltage up to 1000V
High voltage lightning protection (SPD) special for PV
PG cable glands connector input, convenient and safe system wiring
PV special high voltage circuit breaker control output
Output waterproof terminals
Brand : SunX
Model : 3IN – 1 Out
PV Input Current (Fuse) : 15A
PV Input Voltage : Max VDC 1000V
PV Output Current : Max 63A
Dimensions : 31 x 27 x 16cm
Weight : 2.7Kg

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